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What you should know?

How to choose the right mattress?

First of all, keep in mind that there is no such thing as “the best mattress”. The mattress must meet the user’s individual needs and we all have different expectations. The key mattress selection criteria are: comfort, durability, and price.


The level of comfort during sleep depends on the following factors:

  •     Appropriate firmness
The mattress should be neither too firm nor too soft. It should provide good support for natural spinal curves, which does not necessarily mean that it must be firm. People with chronic orthopedic problems should discuss the issue of mattress firmness with their orthopedist.

To make sure the mattress you sleep on is properly firm, check the position of your spine:

* When you sleep on your side, you put more pressure on shoulders and hips, so if the mattress is too firm, your legs and arms may tingle. The mattress firmness is correct when the spine in this position is almost in a straight line.

* When you lie on your back, the body weight is distributed across a larger surface. The mattress firmness is correct when the lumbar region of the spine is neither arched nor fits closely to the mattress.

All of our mattresses include information on their firmness. Keep in mind that people with different weight have different impressions about the firmness of a given mattress. When the lighter person feels the mattress is too firm, the heavier person may feel the same mattress is softer. The reference weight used in relation to firmness in our mattress descriptions is 80 kg.

  •     Double-sidedness of the mattress

Currently, all of the better mattresses are equipped with a double-sided summer/winter (cotton/wool) cover, which helps regulate sleep atmosphere.

  •     Durability

Mattress durability is ensured by the high-quality materials used for its production. We offer mattresses from natural materials, such as coconut coir, latex, horsehair and seagrass.

  •     Dimensions
Prior to buying a mattress, you should measure the internal dimensions of the bed carefully, because possible adaptation costs are often higher than the mattress price.

  •     Price
You pay for quality and durability, which means that mattresses from durable natural materials (e.g. latex) are more expensive than mattresses from synthetic and less durable materials (e.g. polyurethane foam).